If you developed application/client/server for phpDaemon, e.g. new database client, consider sharing it. You shall gain feedback and patches from other people incl. core development team.

If you added a perk into phpDaemon by forking you are also encouraged to share it. By sharing it you can avoid efforts of maintaining our own branch (fork). If you are maintaing your own branch, original code may be changed and you will be at risk of being stuck with your fork, being unable to pull new changes from upstream.

Send us a Pull Request on GitHub


Spread the word using social services (in upper left side of the screen). Publish a post or article in your blog, twitter, site or magazine. Feel free to contact us.

If you have decent production deployment of phpDaemon please let us know.

Wiki & Troubleshooting

Our Wiki needs some love. Take an effort to make it more clear and actual. Feel free to ask any questions and then add it to Wiki.

Once you faced a trouble and resolved it then please drop us a line or send a Pull Request on GitHub

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